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How to work with IVDeology

It can be a little daunting when you need to hire specialists for a project, either short or long term, permanent or contract.

IVDeology are here to be able to parachute into projects with the knowledge and background to slot right into a company, add their value and expertise, and leave you in a better position, whether that be working on non-conformances from an audit, or simply helping you get to your QMS implemented, to taking you fully from manufacturing a product to getting it onto the market, successfully, safely, and of course compliant. 

There are two ways you are able to reach out and engage with IVDeology;

1. Directly. This is where we get most of our business, from customers and our network knowing of us individually or as a team, from our social media, Linked in or from website searches and ads. 

2. Via an agency – recruiters will have customers who have a requirement for one or several specialists within their company and pay good money for them to put the time and energy into resourcing options. Requirements would from the client via the agency, to IVDeology

Benefits of direct

– Your budget can go more towards the specialist and the project, rather than a percentage towards the agency for finders fees or their services

– We can offer you a package deal on a deliverables or on an hourly basis, from pay as you go services, to background Quality and regulatory support 

– You may have a need for several specialists in different areas, which means needing to speak to several different agents and contractors, set up interviews, and align timings and budgets which can be variable depending on points such as location, on site work, and level of skill, as well as what the individual wants to charge which can range, whereas at IVDeology you can get a bespoke team of people for one price, under one roof and via one company. You wouldn’t have to worry about paying an agency to then pay your contractor, or work towards an agencies additional fees or work towards their standard terms of payment and invoicing etc

How does it work?

– You’d reach out to us via a specialist you may already know, but most likely via email, our ‘contact us’ page on our site, or LinkedIn

– You would meet the specialists on a kick off meeting after our Customer success specialist finds out your project needs 

– Payment would be invoiced and paid directly to the client from IVDeology 

– We would send you a project breakdown and quote, how to invoice, and we would work with you on a bespoke offering of support

Benefits of agency

– We have good relationships with agencies we trust, and they can work out the details on your behalf, and save you time if your role within the company isn’t necessarily hiring, and you have responsibilities elsewhere within the company

– They can focus on the admin such as CV sending, amendments, cover sheets if applicable with summaries of skill set and set up interviews which sometimes can be multiple 

– You have an agent who knows the market, be able to let you know whose available on the market to monitor projects 

How does it work?

– You would receive a CV from a specialist from IVDeology via your recruitment agent depending on the specification, you would be able to meet and speak to the specialist(s) who would support you working under IVDeology 

– The agent would set up the interviews and send across IVDeology company details for insurance, terms etc. 

Both ways work well for us, and it’s really how well it works for you as a company. We hope that the above helps you with the way you request our services, and that we will happily work with agencies who feel we can provide a specialist to support their project.

Written by Customer Support Specialist Casey Sedgwick – ex recruiter