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Platinum Healthy Workplace Award – Thrivall and IVDeology

IVDeology Pioneers Productivity-boosting Mental Health & Wellbeing Programme with Thrivall to Win Platinum Healthy Workplace Award

Medway-based company IVDeology, is excited to announce a recent partnership with proactive workplace mental health and wellbeing programme Thrivall.

Founded in 2018, IVDeology is a growing team of like-minded, friendly professionals who are passionate about regulatory affairs within the in vitro diagnostic medical device industry. The company brings a flexible and pragmatic approach to support other businesses in navigating IVD quality and compliance requirements.

Working from offices in the Chatham Historic Dockyard, IVDeology is focussed on ensuring flexibility, personal development and gender equality within the team. Co-founders and directors Stuart Angell and Nancy Consterdine share a belief that supporting staff and helping them grow will create benefits for both their own business, and also for customers. 

Thrivall Managing Director and Co-founder Anwen Cooper commented: “We are delighted that IVDeology have chosen to pioneer the Thrivall programme with their team. Our structured and sustained approach is designed to provide outstanding levels of colleague care to support everyone in the business to realise their full potential while also delivering increased productivity and boost bottom-line results for the business.” 

Dan Corpe, Thrivall Partnerships Director and Co-founder adds: “The Thrivall programme focuses on bettering the individual for the betterment of the organisation. IVDeology is a great example of a forward-thinking, people-focussed business which has embraced the Thrivall ethos as they fully understand the benefit of investing in their team.”

Thrivall brings together qualified and experienced experts to deliver a uniquely structured solution to workplace wellbeing and mental health. Combining an evidence-based and comprehensive programme, Thrivall delivers team training workshops on all aspects of wellbeing, along with regular proactive counselling and professional performance coaching sessions for every individual within an organisation. In addition, impact is measured through regular benchmarking evaluations to track progress and demonstrate return on investment. 

IVDeology Managing Director Stuart Angell said: “Thrivall has fundamentally changed how our business feels. The team build effect is palpable. Two colleagues have approached me separately to say how the programme is going to change their lives for the better. We really appreciate how Thrivall has given us all a shared language around mental health.”

Nancy Consterdine, Director of Training and Compliance at IVDeology added: “We are delighted that our commitment has been recognised by the Medway Healthy Workplace Awards Programme. We have progressed over the last few years from Bronze, through Silver and Gold and have now been given the Platinum Award. This is the highest-level recognition of the continued investment we’ve made to date in the wellbeing of our team.”

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