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Taking Back Some Time

The world of IVDeology can be all consuming some times, with so much change, opportunity for growth and learning new things it can be hard to find the time to recharge the batteries. 

Since the creation of the company by myself and Nancy in 2018,  it has always been difficult to fully get away from the day to day running of the business, and the work phone is never too far from your hand (I am sure all small business owners often face this same dilemma). However we have build a truly awesome team around us, bringing positivity, togetherness and excellent IVD knowledge to run, organise and manage the running of the company, So last week I had a full week off, sailing in my Dinghy at the Wilsonian Sailing Club on the river Medway in the South East of the UK where I live.

During the week we, had the benefit of a great coach, some super safety boats keeping watch and keeping us safe, and some lovely weather to help us enjoy the week. 

Having an old wooden boat, I did have some complications, bits and bobs fell off or snapped during the week and I had to make some running repairs – check out my previous blog on boat maintenance and boat repairs, and how this can be related to a Quality Management System.

(See the above patch up job fixing a hole in the rear of my boat (the transom port without the flap… which fell off, when the mainsheet snapped!))

I have only been sailing for a year, and I still have enormous fear and anxiety whenever I step in the boat. It is much easier for me not to try, or find excuses why I can’t go out it in. But similar to running a business, if you never try, you never learn something new, and you never succeed.

And I had a truly great time!

So on reflection of the week, I am hugely grateful for the folk at the sailing club for supporting me, teaching me new things about sailing – but also for my great IVDeology family who I can trust to run the company smoothly in my absence.

5 key learning points:

  • Be positive and you can achieve great things 
  • Trust your team, they are better than you can ever believe they can be
  • Take some time out for yourself
  • Preventative boat maintenance is key
  • Gorilla Tape fixes everything – including holes in a hull of a boat

Happy Sailing all!