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IVDeology Partner with Clinical Research Organisation PeploBio

IVDeology are excited to be partnering with PeploBio, a clinical research organisation (CRO) based in Cambridge, UK. IVDeology believe we can share the load within the Medical and diagnostics industry, and partnering with trusted companies to offer a more holistic offering to our customers in areas we do not offer. Clients with IVDeology who need CRO or clinical diagnostics support can now be referred to the PeploBio team, and those looking for Quality, regulatory or UKRP services can be referred to us from PeploBio.

Our partnership will work in tandem to support our customers and clients supporting smoothly with open communication between the two. IVDeology and PeploBio have teamed up after careful consideration regarding our passion and ethos, including being friendly and committed teams that are focused on our customers projects success and both tailor our services to benefit and support our customers in the best way fitting their needs. 

If you are looking for CRO support including clinical testing, please get in touch and we can put you in direct contact with the PeploBio team.

You can book to speak with us here via our contact page