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Consultation on UK Common Specifications

On the 21st May 2024, the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) launched a consultation on common specification requirements for invitro diagnostic devices. The aim of this consultation is to gauge industry opinion over a 4 week period on introducing common specifications requirements for certain high risk IVD devices placed on the Great Britain (GB) market.

What are common specifications?

Common specifications (CS) set out a minimum set of performance requirements for specific high risk IVDs, principally to ensure a higher level of patient safety. These common specifications will replace the existing ‘Common Technical Specifications’ described under the current Medical Device Regulations (UK MDR 2002).

The consultation asks the following questions:

  • Should GB common specifications align with the European equivalent, as set out under (EU) 2022/1107
  • Should monitoring for common specifications be included within a Post Market Performance Follow-up Plan (a key document to describe post market performance data collection)?
  • Should Covid-19 IVD devices meet a common specification rather than meet the existing CTDA requirements?

The consultation is an opportunity for industry to offer a view on how aligned GB common specifications should be to the EU. In addition, feedback can be given for the potential removal of the much-discussed CTDA process, which could mean that Covid-19 IVD devices will undergo the general process for conformity assessment via UK approved bodies.

You can submit your views and include comments on the consultation here. The consultation is due to end on the 18th June, so I would encourage any interested parties to submit their views – this is an opportunity to shape the way CS are used in GB.

As a UK provider of quality and regulatory services, IVDeology are proud to engage with the IVD diagnostic keen to support IVD manufacturers on IVD market access. For further information on how we can help, please contact [email protected]

Written by Stuart Angell, MD and Co-founder of IVDeology Ltd and IVDeology UKRP Ltd